The debut

Thanks for visiting. Can I offer you a cup of coffee? No... some cold water, perhaps? Yes? Oh good! in this weather it is the most refreshing drink available... If you can't get your hands on some freshly made Nimbu paani, that is... Not that bottled stuff, they have a strange aftertaste...the REAL thing... Don't know what Nimbu paani is? I think you call it LEMONADE...
I started this blog primarily to showcase my scrapbook pages. You see, I made a layout for a MME challenge, and everyone else had their own blog. To load my picture I was asked for my URL. Now I only speak English, and enough Hindi to get by. I don't know any Klingon or any other cyber related language. In fact I'm a self-confessed computer Neanderthal. I can send an e-mail, and a few weeks ago, my beautiful niece Alyssa taught me to chat on Facebook. I love the FEEL of a book. I like turning pages. I find comfort in feeling the weight of the book in my bag, knowing that with it there I'll never be lonely or bored. But I digress, the way I'm wont to do...So, in the same way, I love scrapbooking. I like the texture of the paper...Playing with the flowers and the inks... And the photographs... Pieces of my life here for me to touch and marvel at. No longer trapped in my precious Macbook, a gift from my sweet baby brother.
 But I also like appreciation. And in India I think I'm the only scrapbooker!  Also I'm kinda under what sometimes feels like house arrest. My captor is the cutest two year old. I have only him and the house help to talk to. So I decided to get myself a BLOG!!
Here I can talk/write to myself without seeming completely crazy! And maybe someday soon I'll be able to post my work too!!   

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