Little Prince

Gosh it's been so long since I posted! Everything has changed here at blogger, and I hope I can post this alright.
Ok so here goes...
I made this using the palette from C.S.I.
The papers are all MME. The collection is Lost and Found 2. The brads are from the same collection. The flowers and metal embellies are Prima.
Here are some more details.

The hidden journalling is on a pull out tag and reads, "My darling son, You are the Prince of my heart and the ruler of my days and sometimes a royal PAIN IN THE ASS, but I love you anyway!"
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The word is 'Charming'. And this picture of my son is so charming, I think, I just had to scrap it. I followed the palette from C.S.I. Here's a look at the file.
I'm entering this for MME challenge 33 too. I must admit I was stumped when it came to adding pink, I'm more of a monochromatic person. Then I remembered the rub-ons MME used to make. I adore them. I think they are making them again and I can't wait to get my hands on some!
Here's my l/o.
Here are some close-ups.

One of the things I love most about MME is that their collections are timeless. I can effortlessly mix old collections with new if I need to, and it all looks good!
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Reach for the Stars

I made this using the palette from C.S.I. case #8. The pictures are of my son at the beach. He was singing every song he knew, and I got pictures.
Here's the l/o.
 I'm entering this for the BITW challenge. The word is 'discover'. I want my son to discover the little joys  of life for himself. The joy you get from sitting in the sunshine. From feeling the sand between your toes. From singing out loud. From being with people who love you. Simple joys that cost nothing and mean everything.
Here are some close-ups.

The word 'discover' is etched on the silver ring. My wish for my son is for him to discover his own joys.
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I will never forget Spain
 My husband and I were born to travel. We met as trainee flight attendants for our country's national carrier. We flew all over the world together for 15 years. Where the airline didn't fly, we went to on our own.   Going to a new place, eating the local street food, and living in small local hotels is what epitomizes travel for us. We call it 'getting the true feel of the place'. For months before our departure, Edgar will sit with his copy of the Lonely Planet, and choose hotels and plan excursions, and I will read up histories and learn as much as I can about our chosen destination.
Spain came after a grueling time in our lives. We were trying to have a baby, and found out instead that I had a tumor in my brain. After three years of doctors and medication, one year of infertility treatments, pain and humiliation, and frustration, we gave up. My body was a mess, my mind was worse and our savings were gone. We resigned ourselves to being a childless couple. From now on we would travel. Spend any money we had on exploring the world. The first place we chose was Spain.
And Spain was good to us. Architecture like I'd never seen before. So much history and beauty. A culture much like our own, (we're from Goa). Good food and better drink! We were happy again.
A few months later, we were planning our next exploration. Prague. But we never got there. Spain became the last of our carefree holidays. I was pregnant!
Here is my l/o.
  It's based on a sketch by Nadia from OUAS. Their theme was a memorable vacation. For me that's Spain. My journalling is handwritten on the postcard with the matador.

The palette is from C.S.I.
Here are some close-ups.

I'm also entering this for Bird Is The Word challenge for the first time. The word is 'journey'.
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I made this using almost all MME products. The pictures are of my son splashing in the pool.
The fabric trim is from my stash, and the flowers are Prima, everything else is MME.            
Here are some close-ups

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Game On

My husband is an avid football fan. He is crazy invested in 'his team', Manchester City, and when the game is on, Edgar can be found sitting in front of the TV, often yelling instructions to the players or cursing the decisions of the manager or the referees! This is a tradition he has handed down to his son. Adam sits on his lap, I think, content just to be there. It's so sweet to watch them both. This is what I captured on film, and used on this l/o.
 I used the C.S.I. Case #6 palette.
Here are some close-ups.

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Loves Milk

My son loves milk. But most of all, he loves to drink his milk from a bottle while I hold him, and his little fingers play with my lips. This for him is a comfort thing, and has absolutely nothing with his ability to drink from a glass or cup. I know this because he drinks everything but milk from a glass! At my wits end, I came up with a threat. Adam is very attached to his toy animals. So I told him that animals were a big boys toy, and since he was still drinking milk from a bottle, he was still a baby, ergo, he must give up the animals. I took his favorite griffin to the window and let it 'fly' away. The next day his owl took the same flight. The third day was the lions turn to fly. Maybe this was too much for Adam, he asked for his milk in a glass! Today two months later, He still drinks milk from a bottle, but only at night before he drops off to sleep, or when he's ill. I have told him that Griffin and Owl will come home when he's done with the bottle. Some days he talks of them, I guess this is one of the journeys he must make on his own....
This theme is what I chose to use for my layout. This is the case file from C.S.I.
This is my layout based on Nadia's sketch.

 I muted the palette a little. For my evidence, I 'framed' the main centre striped paper with the darker green, and that with the burgundy print. I also used corners, circles and leaves. My journalling tells the story behind the photo, and is tucked behind the trio of papers framing the photo.
Here are some close-ups.

I live in a country where there are no scrapbook stores. So when a challenge is posted, I have to really dig through my stash, and mix things up and get creative in order to create something. This also helps me find and use up stuff I'd otherwise have overlooked for more recent products. This is by far the best reason for me to look forward to C.S.I.'s challenges every week!

C.S.I. Case#4 & Get Creative

Thought I'd try to team up the sketch from Get Creative with the palette from C.S.I. Here's a look at both.

Here's my take. "The Big Splash Theory".
For my evidence, I used a frame which holds the title, stripes and there's some tulle on the flower. I misted my striped paper, and highlighted the stripes with glossy accents. This gave the paper the look and feel of corrugated paper. My journalling is printed on sticky canvas. I used rhinestones and also treated the horizontal blue paper wit Distress Crackle.
Here are some close-ups.

Hope you like what I made.
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OUAS and C.S.I.

AHi scrappers,
First up, here's what I won from OUAS!
A pack from Imaginarium! It's fantastic! I've never had any, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to use these. I'm so excited! Thank you OUAS!
For the OUAS challenge this time, I chose to focus on the new year. Last year was not the best for me, and I didn't want to create a l/o reminding me of it. I'd rather look forward than back. So that's what I did. My journalling is just a bunch of words that are important to me, and I can reflect on each of them individually, and every single time this reflection is uplifting to me. It's a sort of meditation thing.
Here's the l/o.
  The palette comes from C.S.I., and was not the easiest for me! Here's a look at their case file. (i love these case files!)
If you haven't already, please head on over! This site is ADDICTIVE!
Here are some close-ups.

I plan to hang this up in my space where I can look at it everyday, to remind myself to stay positive. It's 'Scrapbook Therapy'!
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