The word is 'Charming'. And this picture of my son is so charming, I think, I just had to scrap it. I followed the palette from C.S.I. Here's a look at the file.
I'm entering this for MME challenge 33 too. I must admit I was stumped when it came to adding pink, I'm more of a monochromatic person. Then I remembered the rub-ons MME used to make. I adore them. I think they are making them again and I can't wait to get my hands on some!
Here's my l/o.
Here are some close-ups.

One of the things I love most about MME is that their collections are timeless. I can effortlessly mix old collections with new if I need to, and it all looks good!
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Reach for the Stars

I made this using the palette from C.S.I. case #8. The pictures are of my son at the beach. He was singing every song he knew, and I got pictures.
Here's the l/o.
 I'm entering this for the BITW challenge. The word is 'discover'. I want my son to discover the little joys  of life for himself. The joy you get from sitting in the sunshine. From feeling the sand between your toes. From singing out loud. From being with people who love you. Simple joys that cost nothing and mean everything.
Here are some close-ups.

The word 'discover' is etched on the silver ring. My wish for my son is for him to discover his own joys.
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